ReliOn and Hy9 team to develop new fuel processor for hydrogen fuel cells

ReliOn and Hy9 team to develop new fuel processor for hydrogen fuel cells

May 9, 2012 0 By Erin Kilgore
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Processor could help fuel cells become commercially viable

ReliOn, a developer of hydrogen fuel cells, and Hy9, a producer of hydrogen fuel, have teamed to develop new integrated fuel processing technology for fuel cell products. The two companies will leverage their expertise in their respective fields to develop various subsystems and controls for the new integrated fuel processor. The companies note that the demand for hydrogen fuel cells is on the rise. As such, hydrogen fuel is becoming a greater need. By developing a new fuel processor, ReliOn and Hy9 hope to solve some of the problems that have kept hydrogen fuel cells from becoming widely accepted.

Fuel processor is able to convert methanol and water into hydrogen fuel

The fuel processor is a reformer that is meant to convert liquid fuels into hydrogen gas. The companies have developed a prototype system that can successfully convert methanol and water into hydrogen. Thanks to the expertise of Hy9, this hydrogen is highly pure, which means that it can be used in fuel cells more efficiently. ReliOn is able to use this hydrogen in its own fuel cells as it meets the company’s purity standards.

Collaboration could open up new markets around the world

Converting liquid fuels into hydrogen is a somewhat innovative concept. Conventional fuel cells rely on hydrogen in order to produce electricity and being able to convert liquid methanol and water into the fuel could make these energy systems more accessible to consumers. ReliOn and Hy9 believe that the new fuel processor will open up new markets for both companies, expanding their reach and ability to serve consumers around the world.

Prototypes to be available before the end of the year

ReliOn hopes to begin demonstrating the fuel processor in the third quarter of 2012. Consumers are expected to be able to evaluate the system and supply feedback to the company before the end of the year. Changes to the processor will be made depending on this feedback, but ReliOn expects that feedback concerning the system will be positive.