S&C Electric wins promising contract from EDF Renewables

S&C Electric wins promising contract from EDF Renewables

May 8, 2012 0 By Stephen Vagus

Multi-million dollar contract awarded to S&C Electric

S&C Electric Company Europe Ltd, a smart grid energy company and subsidiary of U.S.-based S&C Electric, has won an ambitious contract from Electricite de France’s EDF Renewables. The contract is reportedly worth several million dollars and will seek to establish a smart grid system in Scotland. This system is to be powered by a wind farm that is located south of Edinburgh and near the Scottish Border. The wind energy injected into the smart grid will be used to power homes and businesses.

S&C beats out competition, will provide smart grid technologies

S&C Electric has beaten out staunch competition in order to win the contract. Larger companies like Siemens and General Electric, had been vying for success, but were beaten out by S&C’s smart grid technology. EDF Renewables believes that this technology will work well with the wind farm that is housed in the Scottish Border region. As per the contract, S&C Electric will now play a larger role in the development of Europe’s onshore and offshore wind energy projects. This particular smart grid will be used to collect and distribute power that is generated by a large wind energy pipeline that is currently being built between Scotland and England.

Smart grid technology could improve the quality of electricity

S&C Electric claims that its grid technology can be used to improve the quality of electricity that is generated by sustainable means. The company notes that adding the technology to existing smart grids can be done at marginal cost – comparable to a few cents for the entire lifetime of a single wind farm. S&C believes that the technology will help Europe adapt to a changing energy landscape, making the transition less troublesome.

Wind energy a popular option throughout Europe

Wind energy has been a popular focus for many European governments and the European Union. In the United Kingdom, an ambitious wind energy project is currently underway. This project aims to establish an expansive wind energy system off the western shore of the country, linking Scotland and England with a veritable electricity pipeline. This project will be heavily dependent upon the quality of the smart grid, as the electricity generated by this system will not be useful unless it can be managed and distributed appropriately.

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