REAP’s solar power storage system could benefit from new California solar mandate

Solar power storage - Solar panels installation

The new mandate could be advantageous for REAP’s Power Stac VRFB. Renewable Energy and Power (REAP) could provide the perfect solar power storage solution for California’s new solar mandate. The company has announced the expansion of marketing activity for its Power Stac vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) power storage system, according to a news release published on Global Newswire. California is making residential solar energy mandatory for certain new buildings and renovations. The state has mandated that by 2020, all new houses and multi-family residences of three stories or less,…

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Maryland launches a community solar power pilot program

Community solar power - Solar Panels in Field

Any resident of Maryland can power their home with solar energy. A new community solar power pilot program has been launched in Maryland. Under the program, anyone within the state can power their homes with the energy generated by solar panels, even if their homes cannot support these structures. Even renters or condo residents can benefit from solar power. The purpose of the community solar power program is to give Maryland residents who want to obtain their energy from renewable sources other than fossil fuels – but who currently don’t…

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New York City renters and homeowners can benefit from community solar groups

Community Solar Groups - New York City, Manhattan

Many New York apartment dwellers may soon have access to solar power savings. Joining community solar groups may be an option this summer for some New York City renters and homeowners who live in buildings that do not have or that cannot support solar panels. These groups can help someone who doesn’t have direct access to solar power, lower their electricity bill. For instance, if someone in a Manhattan apartment wanted to lower their electricity bill with renewable power, they could join a community solar group. This would allow them…

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Green home energy is leading the way among renovation trends

Green Energy Home - Residential renewble energy

A growing number of homeowners are opting for microgeneration technologies such as solar. Building an addition or an extension onto an existing house can be a phenomenal way to boost home value and ensure that a current residence continues to suit a family’s needs without having to move. However, a bigger home can lead to rising electrical and heating demands and costs. As a result, many homeowners are choosing to participate in a rapidly growing green home energy trend. By installing microgeneration technologies onto existing homes or those that have…

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Hope shines for Nevada’s solar energy market

Solar Energy - Residential Solar Power

Nevada Assembly has approved an initiative to support the state’s solar energy space Nevada’s solar energy sector may soon see a revival due to legislative action. The Nevada Assembly has given support to an initiative that aims to make solar energy much more accessible to consumers throughout the state. Solar power has struggled to thrive in Nevada recently due to state legislation issuing massive fees on solar customers. State policies have caused several solar energy developers to leave the Nevada market, with some suggesting that the state is not a…

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Mercedes-Benz aims to compete in the residential solar energy space

Solar Energy - Mercedes-Bnez car

Automaker joins with Vivint Solar to offer new residential energy solution Automaker Mercedes-Benz has announced that it will be partnering with Vivint Solar, a solar energy company based in the United States, in order to compete in the residential solar energy and storage space. Notably, the two companies are looking to compete with Tesla, which has established a powerful presence within the residential space despite its focus on clean transportation. This partnership may provide homeowners with more options when it comes to making use of clean power and technology, allowing…

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Traditional builders look to green construction trends to reap sizeable benefits

green construction

Sustainable design and green architecture is just as important as the right industrial mixer for today’s top builders. Leading builders around the world are entering into the green construction space which is one of the hottest growing building trends. Homeowners and developers are grabbing onto this resource-efficient and environmentally responsible trend. It includes everything from the right architecture to the ideal industrial mixer. This trend is solidly established in commercial construction and gated residential communities. Moreover, it is gaining ground at a highly attractive rate among more conventional home real…

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Rooftop solar energy could satisfy 25% of the country’s electricity needs

Solar Energy - Solar Panels on Rooftop

Solar energy could have a major impact on electricity consumption in the US Rooftop solar energy is gaining more attention in the United States and the demand for photovoltaic systems is rising among homeowners and businesses. This demand is growing due to the falling cost of solar panels, which has improved prospects for return on investment for those interested in solar energy. Currently, approximately 1.5% of all homes in the United States are equipped with their own solar power systems. This has removed the need for nearly 14 terawatt-hours of…

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Residential solar energy is gaining ground despite opposition from retailers

Utilities are unable to stop the growth of residential solar energy Solar energy is quickly gaining popularity within the residential sector of the United States. Rooftop solar has become a very attractive prospect for many homeowners, especially now that photovoltaic systems are becoming much less expensive. Rooftop solar power systems are used as a way to allow homeowners to generate their own electrical power. These energy systems have, however, come under fire from utilities, many of whom suggest that solar power could great significant price disparity among consumers. Voters chose…

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Arcadia Power aims to bring renewable energy to renters

Renters will soon have access to renewable energy Arcadia Power, a company that specializes in clean power, has launched a new product that aims to provide renters throughout the United States with access to renewable energy. The company hopes to ensure the growth of solar power, in particular, within the residential sector. While homeowners have had access to solar power for many years, renters typically do not have this same access. Many renters, or non-homeowners, have expressed interest in supporting renewable energy, but their limited options have prevented them from…

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How to Find a Sustainable Condo in Montreal

Most people who buy Montreal condos for sale are mostly concerned about the proximity of the building to their workplace and to good schools for their children. They also care about the square footage, which shops are nearby, and whether it has a nice view. But a growing number of condo buyers are interested in condos that are well suited for renewable energy. Not all realtors bother with this info, so you may have to do your own research. Here are some questions to consider if you’re keen on using…

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Green invention lets homeowners convert waste to energy

HomeBiogas has created a compact anaerobic digester that recycles organic waste into gas and fertilizer. Homeowners have the chance to transform their organic waste, such s food scraps (including meat and dairy) and pet manure, into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer, thanks to a waste to energy machine developed by Israel-based startup, HomeBiogas. HomeBiogas produces enough fuel to cook three daily meals. According to the HomeBiogas Indiegogo page, the anaerobic digester system “maintains a closed-loop eco-cycle.” The organic matter that is fed into the machine is broken down by microorganisms,…

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Solar energy set to hit a major milestone in the US

Solar power is growing aggressively in the residential sector Solar energy has been gaining ground in the United States. The country is quickly approaching a major milestone when it comes to solar power systems installed at homes. More than 1 million homes should have solar panels installed on their rooftops by February 2016, which highlights the aggressive growth that the solar sector has been seeing over the past year. Solar energy will still account for a relatively small portion of the country’s overall energy production, but may become a very…

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Energy saving tips for the hottest days of summer

Enjoy a greener summer by using a portable battery charger and conserving other power. The hottest days of summer are here and while this can be fantastic weather for beaches and to lounge poolside, it can also be significantly demanding on energy, which can be harmful to the environment, cause greater expense to residents, and be a huge drain on the power grid. For this reason, employing energy saving tips can go a long way in helping people save on their energy bill and be friendlier to the environment at…

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SolarCity to offer energy storage solution as well as solar energy systems

Solar energy company will make Tesla’s Powerwall storage solution available to homebuilders SolarCity, a leading solar energy company that has made it possible for thousands of homeowners to embrace solar power, has officially announced that its new energy storage solution will be available for new homes in California. The storage solution, called the Powerwall, comes from SolarCity’s parent company, Tesla. The storage solution designed to make renewable energy more feasible for homeowners. The Powerwall is also meant to improve the energy efficiency of homes. Powerwall will be acquired through the…

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Californian homes to be provided with free solar panels

A new plan in California will bring free solar power to disadvantaged neighborhoods. While there are already many government incentives in the state of California to encourage the use of solar power among residents, a new plan will result in free solar panels being installed on the rooftops of homes of some of the state’s low-income homeowners, saving each of these residents hundreds of dollars in electrical costs, annually. Solar energy continues to be an expensive home improvement. According to a 2013 study by the Center for American Progress, a…

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