Ride sharing service using fuel cell vehicles set to shut down

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Car on raod

World’s first hydrogen-powered ride sharing service will be shut down this summer Linde has announced that it will be shutting down what had been the world’s first ride sharing service that used fuel cell vehicles. Called BeeZero, the service was first launched in 2016 by Linde Hydrogen Concepts. BeeZero was based in Germany and used 50 fuel cell vehicles developed by Hyundai. According to BeeZero, the service has not been economically viable and will officially cease operation on June 30 of this year. BeeZero’s vehicles operated for more than 850,000…

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New car-share company aims to expose consumers to hydrogen fuel cells

BeeZero to open in Germany, offering access to fuel cell vehicles The very first car-sharing company offering access to fuel cell vehicles is about to open in Germany. Currently, very few people have fuel vehicles of their own, despite their interest in clean transportation. Automakers have been working to promote the adoption of these vehicles, but they are simply too expensive for many consumers. As such, car-sharing company BeeZero will fill the demand for clean vehicles by allowing consumers to drive cars equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. 50 ix35 vehicles…

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World’s first ride-share service using hydrogen fuel cell vehicles launches in Germany

Linde Hydrogen Concepts launches new ride-share service making use of fuel cell vehicles The Linde Group has launched a new subsidiary, which will manage the world’s first ride-sharing service focused exclusively on fuel cell vehicles. One of the company’s latest subsidiaries, called Linde Hydrogen Concepts, will be responsible for the new ride-share service. The new service is called BeeZero and is based in Munich, Germany. BeeZero  will be comprised of a fleet of 50 fuel cell vehicles developed by Hyundai. The South Korean automaker’s vehicles have proven quite successful in…

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