Beijing closes its last large-scale coal power plant in favor of renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Coal Plant

Major coal facility has ceased operations The last large-scale coal power plant in Beijing, China, has ceased operations. The city has been working to fight air pollution for some time now, and coal power plants have become a target. In order to reduce air pollution, Beijing has made it a priority to embrace renewable energy and clean transportation. As such, the city has adopted several policies that could help accomplish this goal. Beijing also has the ambitious goal of becoming China’s first city to be powered completely by renewable energy…

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China takes a new approach to renewable energy

China renewable energy

China may spur renewable energy adoption with carbon tax China continues to struggle with rampant pollution that has been linked to several respiratory and other health issues for the country’s populace. The country has been working aggressively to adopt renewable energy and implement emissions reduction plans in order to address the issue of air pollution, but pollution continues to be a significant problem for the country that may not have an easy solution. In China’s second most populated city, Beijing, a new initiative may be underway that could help curb…

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