Price of carbon credits declines in California

Carbon credits fall in value California is currently home to one of the most ambitious cap-and-trade initiatives in the U.S. The state has long been an advocate for renewable energy and has been seeking innovative ways to curb emissions and promote the adoption of clean power among businesses. Many of the state’s largest businesses produce significant amounts of emissions on a yearly basis and California has been working to address this issue in recent years. Thus far, the California cap-and-trade initiative has been relatively successful, but it may soon encounter…

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Renewable energy sees more support through California cap-and-trade program

California Hydrogen Fuel Market

Cap-and-trade program helps support adoption of renewable energy California is home to one of the first emissions trading markets in the U.S. The state launched its ambitious cap-and-trade program in 2006, but it was not until recently that the program began receiving any significant amount of attention. The program has been holding auctions for its carbon credits since late 2012, after spending years formulating plans to support emissions trading. The program has helped encourage businesses throughout the state adopt renewable energy and embrace more energy efficient practices over the past…

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California moving closer to cap-and-trade auction of carbon credits

Hydrogen fule - carbon capture

California is edging closer to launching its first auction of carbon credits as part of its fledgling cap-and-trade program. The program aims to reduce carbon emissions throughout the state by instituting a cap on how much greenhouse gas a company can produce. The concept has been steeped in controversy for some time. The federal government had once planned to institute a similar program, but the initiative was ultimately defeated. California became the first state in the country to adopt this kind of plan to curb carbon emissions. Since then, much…

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