Researchers develop new device that uses solar energy to produce clean water

Solar Energy - Drinking Water at Sunset

New device leverages the power of solar energy to produce clean drinking water Researchers from the University of California, Berkeley, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a new device that is capable of drawing clean water from air. While the device is still in very early prototype stages, the research team has expressed that it shows great promise. According to researchers, the device makes use of solar energy, which is used to power chemical reactions within the device itself in order to collect water molecules. Early tests show…

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Genesis showcases new concept car equipped with clean technology

Clean Technology - Hyundai Genesis Prada

New concept car makes use of a fuel cell and battery system Hyundai’s luxury brand, Genesis, has showcased a new concept car at the New York Auto Show. The new vehicle is a full-sized SUV and equipped with a plug-in hydrogen fuel cell system. Called the GV80, the concept car is meant to highlight one of the directions that luxury brands are moving towards in terms of clean technology. Genesis is one of several companies that have showcased new fuel cell vehicles recently. Clean technology may have a promising future…

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Toyota to use artificial intelligence to research fuel cells

Fuel Cells Research - Toyota to use AI

New project will leverage the power of artificial intelligence to improve fuel cells Toyota has taken a strong liking to hydrogen fuel cells in recent years. The automaker has already launched its first fuel cell vehicle, called the Mirai, and intends to use fuel cell technology well into the future. The problem with fuel cells, however, is that they are expensive and they have efficiency issues that make them less viable than conventional engines. The Toyota Research Institute intends to address these problems, with the help of artificial intelligence. Use…

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AFC Energy sets sights on commercialization of its hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells - Commercialization

Developer has major plans for successfully commercializing hydrogen fuel cells AFC Energy, a prominent developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it will begin its commercialization phase this year. Earlier this month, the company made its first commercial sale and now believes that it is in a prime position to continue its commercialization plans. Chairman Tim Yeo has high hopes for 2017, believing that this year AFC Energy will see major success with its ambitious initiatives. Support for fuel cells continues to grow Last year, hydrogen fuel cells began…

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AFC Energy successfully makes first commercial sale of fuel cells

Successful Fuel Cells Sale

AFC Energy has made progress with its plans to commercialize hydrogen fuel cells AFC Energy, a prominent fuel cell developer, has completed its first commercial sale. The company has been working to commercialize hydrogen and fuel cells for some time, but as focus clean technology and renewable energy grows, fuel cells are beginning to gather momentum and attract more attention. Based in the United Kingdom, AFC Energy believes that the country’s plans to establish a hydrogen economy are beginning to take shape. If this is true, fuel cells may become…

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New flow battery could bring about a brighter future for renewable energy

Flow Battery - Renewable Energy

SEAS researchers have developed a new flow battery Researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have developed a flow battery that can operate for a decade. The new battery could be a major breakthrough in energy storage and the use of clean power. With an extensive lifespan, the battery could have a major impact on the residential sector, where renewable energy is becoming much more popular. The battery could also be used for other purposes, such as storing electricity for industrial purposes or…

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Sunflare develops flexible solar panels

Solar Panels - Residential Solar Energy

Flexible solar panels can, potentially, be installed on any surface Sunflare, a company based in California, has developed a new, flexible solar panel that it believes will become a major asset for those interested in solar energy. Following years or research and development, the company has produced a copper indium gallium selenide solar panel. The new solar panel can be installed on virtually any surface due to its flexibility, which may make it quite attractive to homeowners and businesses interested in becoming more environmentally friendly. Cost of solar energy continues…

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Air Liquide launches new app to help consumers find hydrogen fuel stations

New app will allow consumers to find hydrogen fuel stations in their area As fuel cell vehicles begin to gain more momentum, demand for access to hydrogen fuel stations is growing among consumers. To help those interested in fuel cell vehicles find hydrogen stations, Air Liquide has launched a new mobile application. The app is meant to help drivers find the locations of hydrogen fuel stations, which will give them a chance to fuel vehicles equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. Demand for hydrogen is on the rise Throughout the world,…

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National laboratory seeks to improve hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen fuel cells could get a boost in performance and efficiency through new research efforts Hydrogen fuel cells may be gaining popularity, but they still face many challenges that will slow their widespread adoption. Among these challenges is their high cost. Fuel cells make use of precious metals, which makes them notoriously expensive. Another challenge lies in the lack of a hydrogen infrastructure and the energy-intensive hydrogen production process. The U.S. Department of Energy is looking to resolve these issues and has tasked the Los Alamos National Laboratory to improve…

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Hydrogen fuel cells are gaining strength in the US

Many companies are beginning to embrace hydrogen fuel cells Several large organizations in the United States are leading the way in the transition toward renewable energy. Hydrogen fuel cells have caught the attention of these organizations, which hope to use these energy systems for a variety of purposes. Notably, many fuel cells are being used to power materials handling vehicles, such as forklifts. These fuel cell forklifts are becoming increasingly common, replacing older forklifts that are powered using lead-acid batteries. Fuel cells generate clean electricity without producing emissions Fuel cells…

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New solar energy system aims to make homes more efficient

SunCulture Solar introduces new solar energy system equipped with a battery solution and its own mobile app A four-year-old startup called SunCulture Solar has designed a new solar panel that is unlike anything that has been seen before. The solar panel incorporates battery technology as well as smart sensors and software that allow it to link to a computer network and smartphone application. Called SolPads, the new energy system is capable of communicating with its users and can be installed in a relatively small area, such as a balcony. SolarPads…

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Scientists develop promising new solar energy device

New solar device could be the future of urban power Indian scientists have developed a new solar device that is capable of generating electricity. The team from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) calls the new device a “solar tree.” This device is claimed to be more efficient at generating electricity than conventional solar energy systems. The new device is comprised of several metal “branches,” which are connected to a large central pole. The branches are affixed with solar panels and these panels can be moved to face…

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NASA invests to further embrace fuel cell technology

Infinity has acquired funding from NASA for further fuel cell research Infinity Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Inc., a company focused on fuel cell technology, is set to receive funding from NASA’s Glenn Research Center. The funding will help the company continue its research and development on new fuel cell technology, which could have possible applications in space. New fuel cells developed by Infinity could be used as part of NASA’s Space Launch Systems vehicle, building upon a longstanding trend of NASA using fuel cell technology for propulsion and energy purposes….

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New material could help improve electric vehicles in the future

Chemists develop new material that combines qualities of batteries and supercapacitors Chemists from Northwestern University have developed a powerful new material that could have major benefits for electric vehicles. Currently, electric vehicles rely heavily on a complicated system of batteries and supercapacitors that allow them to operate and increases the energy they have access to, allowing them to operate for longer periods of time. The new material developed by chemists combines the quality of supercapacitors and batteries. As such, the material can be used to replace the complex systems used…

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CSIR scientists develop new solar tree

Solar tree will help save space but not sacrifice anything in terms of energy production A group of scientists from the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in India have developed a new solar energy system that will help save space on expansive photovoltaic fields. Solar power has become quite popular in India, but solar farms require a great deal of space in order to be considered viable. Small solar farms do not typically produce enough electricity to be considered valuable die to the limited space they have access…

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Research team uses new nanomaterial to improve fuel cells

Washington State University team aims to lower the cost of fuel cells Researchers from the Washington State University have developed a new nanomaterial that may be able to reduce the cost and improve the performance of fuel cells. The nanomaterial is meant to lower the need for precious materials, such as platinum and palladium. These materials are often used in fuel cells, which has made these energy systems somewhat more expensive than other renewable energy solutions. Researchers throughout the world have worked to lower the cost of fuel cells in…

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