Renewable energy plan released by Environment Colorado

Colorado - Image of Nature

New plan calls universities to embrace clean power Environment Colorado has released a new plan to help the state’s universities embrace renewable energy. The organization hopes to have universities move away from fossil-fuels. This new plan comes only two days after the Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to repeal the Clean Power Act. The federal initiative was created in order to support renewable energy throughout the United States. Now, the Clean Power Act is being considered insufficient. Universities are being encouraged to make use of renewable energy Universities throughout the…

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Colorado city sets sights on renewable energy to combat power problems

Renewable Energy - Pueblo, Colorado Courthouse

Homeowners voice concern over power outages and hope to see more renewable energy solutions Homeowners in Pueblo, Colorado, have come together to voice concern over the city’s apparent energy crisis. According to homeowners, as well as other locals, the city has been struggling with blackouts for some time. In some cases, these power outages have forced families to travel to motels and even homeless shelters in order to access the electricity they need. Local businesses have also expressed concern over increasing power bills, a problem that is creating a significant…

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Aspen is now entirely powered by renewable energy

Aspen has become third U.S. city to achieve 100% renewable power. The well-known small American city, located in the beautiful Rocky Mountain’s of Colorado, famed for its skiing, has recently gained attention for its notable achievement in obtaining all its power from renewable energy sources. It is the third city in the United States to fully rely on renewables, following in the footsteps of the 100% renewable powered American cities, Burlington, Vermont, and Greensburg, Kansas. Aspen obtains its power from a variety of renewable sources. The city’s renewable power supply…

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