Report highlights the promising future of distributed solar energy and storage

distributed solar energy - Report

Distributed solar energy is becoming more popular throughout the world A new report from Navigant Research predicts that the global market for the deployment of distributed solar energy and storage systems will expand in the coming years. The demand for solar power is on the rise throughout the world. As more consumers and businesses seek to make use of this form of clean power, the demand for energy storage solutions is on the rise as well. In the coming years, this global market is expected to see aggressive growth, creating…

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US solar energy industry continues to see growth due to falling costs

Reports highlight the increasing affordability of solar power The solar energy industry in the United States continues to show signs of healthy growth. According two new reports from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) and the Department of Energy show that this growth is being supported by the continued decline in the prices for solar power systems. The falling price of solar power has been a longstanding trend, which has made this form of renewable energy more attractive and accessible to consumers throughout the country. Distributed solar power is growing…

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