Researchers develop “climate-immune” electric car battery

electric car battery - charging EV battery

New fast-charging EV (electric vehicle) battery can self-heat. Penn State engineers have developed an electric car battery that can stand up to cold weather. The newly designed battery is capable of self-heating, which allows it to rapidly charge in spite of frigid outdoor temperatures. EV batteries are negatively impacted by the cold. As is the case with most other batteries, the performance of an electric car battery suffers when it is subjected to cold temperatures. In fact, the Department of Energy (DOE) reported that extreme weather (either very hot or…

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Daimler recycles electric car batteries for energy storage

Daimler AG intends to create massive power storage systems for commercial use. The German multinational automotive corporation has announced that it intends to reuse its used lithium-ion batteries from plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) to create huge energy storage systems. The first of these storage systems will not only be designed for commercial use, but will also be the world’s largest to be powered by batteries from EVs. This first storage unit will consist of 1,000 EV batteries. According to a report from Computerworld, the “2nd use battery storage…

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Batteries could be improved to make electric vehicles cheaper

An old type of battery may store far more energy and be less expensive than current lithium-ion EV batteries. Manufacturers of electric vehicles (EVs), and those interested in producing these green cars, are always hoping for improvements to be made to lithium-ion batteries, which power these vehicles, in order to extend the battery’s driving range and make it cheaper. However, Scientists from chemical company BASF are currently investigating an older type of battery that is showing promise where present lithium-ion batteries are not. The basic type of battery currently used…

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