Why EPA MPG ratings do not match your actual usage

EPA MPG ratings

  Gas prices are steep, which leads the average car buyer looking at the MPG ratings (miles per gallon) on most cars and trucks as a selling point. Unfortunately, the rate suggested by Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards usually paints a different picture on each model than what the consumer will typically experience after purchase. Frustrated car buyers In recent years, MPG has been one of the top selling points in many makes and model of automobile. Car manufacturers know this and feature MPG ratings information prominently on advertising. Hyundai…

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Toyota Prius proves to be powerful backup power generator

Toyota Prius electric vehicles

Toyota Prius provides energy in wake of Hurricane Sandy In the U.S., New York and New Jersey have been left reeling in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. The powerful storm struck the states in late October, causing widespread flooding and damage from its powerful winds. The storm successfully cut off power for millions of people across the two states, a problem that continues to persists weeks after the disaster. Many could only wait for their respective state governments to restore electricity. Some, however, turned to other sources of power, such…

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