DOE supports ambitious new energy storage system from FuelCell Energy

FuelCell Energy develops new storage solution based on solid oxide electrolysis cells FuelCell Energy, a leading developer of fuel cells and hydrogen solutions, has announced a new energy storage project that has received support from the U.S. Department of Energy. The federal agency is supporting the energy storage project with a $3 million cost-share contract. The project itself is focused on the use of solid oxide electrolysis cells, which may be suitable for to meet energy demand among those using fuel cells as primary or secondary energy systems. Demand for…

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New renewable energy storage system unveiled in Oregon

Solar Energy Project

Oregon to serve as home to new renewable energy storage system When it comes to renewable energy, storage is a major issue. Conventional storage methods concerning electrical power are designed to suit the needs of conventional energy systems, not new systems that generate power from sunlight or wind. As such, much of the renewable energy being fed into an existing energy grid is lost in the process, leading to efficiency problems that often attract a great deal of criticism to the world of clean power. In Oregon, however, a new…

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Energy storage system could solve energy efficiency problems

Hydrogen fuel cells

Researchers develop new system capable of storing large amounts of power One of the major challenges facing sustainability today is the efficient use of energy resources. As energy becomes more of a concern, countries around the world are working on ways to make sure they use the energy they have efficiently. The problem, however, is the lack of comprehensive energy storage technologies that make energy efficiency an easier process. A team of researchers from the Drexel University’s College of Engineering in Pennsylvania aim to solve this problem with a new…

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