Managing the Environmental Impact of Mobile Phones

Green energy mobile phone stations

In a matter of several decades, mobile phones have grown from novelties to some of the most central and essential items in our lives. Today iPhone and Android devices are enabling business, connecting us to loved ones and helping us to work smarter and more intelligently. They are giving people a voice, especially in countries where freedom of speech is restricted and phones offer the only real means of communicating with the outside world and spreading information. Yet, despite how cellphones are close to our daily lives (we are willing…

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New updates to the U.S. Smart Grid framework may change how the nation gets its energy

US Hydrogen Fuel Initiative

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released updates for the Smart Grid of the U.S. The Smart Grid is a framework of standards and practices for the nation’s alternative energy initiatives. The standards governing the nation’s endeavors are updated regularly to account for changing trends in the commercial market and emerging technologies. NIST’s updates included new standards for cybersecurity and testing procedures concerning new alternative energy technologies. NIST is tasked by the federal government to renovate the nation’s archaic energy system. The agency’s main goal is to…

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