Author: Bert Watson

Bert Watson, the president of Watson & Company, founded the company after eight years as a Congressional staff in Washington, D.C. His experience in assisting businesses with federal issues, international concerns, bureaucratic red tape and communications has helped him hone his business interaction and advocacy skills. His capabilities include providing strategic direction to achieve political participation, constituency awareness and agency sponsorship. While serving on active duty in the Navy, Bert was transferred to San Diego. His experience with the military’s infrastructure, service as a congressional aide, and decades as a government relations consultant have provided him with the relevant knowledge to enable successful positioning, and communication, of issues. Knowing how to get answers to questions, how to expand "interpretive latitude" to address issues are the hallmarks of his experience. He has worked on many and various endeavors such as guiding regional input regarding reforming the Federal Drug Administration; promoting the nationally televised experiment on a Space Shuttle; successfully managed numerous DOD funding requests for technology enhancement, and; worked with various military initiatives, technology programs and more recently, international energy initiatives. Bert has initiated at least two non-profits, supports animals, is pretty competent in the kitchen and enjoys historic biographies (still working through “Hamilton”) and is married to a former Ukrainian diplomat.