Formic acid could help solve the hydrogen storage problem

Hydrogen Storage - Technology - Acid - Mineral Water

Researchers develop new system that pulls hydrogen fuel from formic acid Researchers from the GRT Group and EPFL have developed a new prototype fuel cell that is based on formic acid. Formic acid can act as a carrier for liquid hydrogen and could help overcome some of the storage challenges that have faced hydrogen fuel cells for several years. With the demand for fuel cells on the rise, finding new ways to store and transport hydrogen is becoming important. Formic acid may be the key to an longstanding storage issue…

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EPFL technology may lead to efficient energy storage

Hydrogen Fuel Storage

EPFL research shows solar and hydrogen-based technology may be the solution to energy storage Alternative energy is quickly becoming a major focus for many countries around the world. These countries have shown some concern over environmental issues, but are setting their sights on alternative energy for primarily economic reasons. As focus intensifies on alternative energy, issues regarding storage are gaining more attention. Current storage technology is not well suited for the demands of clean energy. As such, researchers all over the world have been working to find ways to efficiently…

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Solar cell efficiency record set by EPFL researchers

Solar Cell Effciency

Researchers make progress in solar cell efficiency Energy efficiency has long been a challenge keeping progress within the clean energy industry at bay. Though new technologies seem to emerge from the industry often, these technologies are typically surrounded with concerns regarding their efficiency. Solar cells, for example, are one such technology. These energy systems hold vast potential in terms of power generation, but efficiency problems have kept their adoption considerably low. This may change, however, due to a new breakthrough from researchers from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL),…

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New mineral discovery for platinum substitute looks promising

Renewable Energy Costs to Drop

Scientists have faced their fair share of troubles when trying to make hydrogen power more efficient. As the world continues to search for a solution to its oil addiction, research in fuel cell technology doesn’t seem to be coming fast enough. Hydrogen has proven that it is the most powerful among the alternative fuels, but the cost of producing fuel cells takes them far beyond viability. Now, scientists from the Ecole Polytechnique Federale De Lausanne (EPFL), one of the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, may have stumbled upon a way…

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