Fiat and Hyundai may soon team to improve hydrogen fuel cells

Hydrogen Fuel Improvement - Image of Fiat 500

Fiat and Hyundai are negotiating a potential partnership Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is currently negotiating with South Korean automaker Hyundai concerning a partnership that would be focused on developing hydrogen-based engines. Fiat has shown some interest in hydrogen fuel in recent years, but this has been overshadowed by Hyundai’s own focus on fuel cell technology. Hyundai already offers a vehicle that is powered by hydrogen fuel. The automaker has also established a great deal of expertise in fuel cell technology considering its relatively new interest in these energy systems. Hyundai continues…

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Chrysler sets sights on electric vehicles

Chrysler may revive electric vehicles program American automaker Chrysler may soon join the ranks of companies working to develop and commercialize electric vehicles. In 2009, Italian automaker Fiat formed a strategic partnership with Chrysler in order to save the company from bankruptcy. Fiat quickly put Chrysler’s electric vehicle ambitious to rest, suggesting that the economics surrounding such vehicles were unfeasible. Fiat claimed that Chrysler would lose more than $10,000 for every electric vehicle sold. Now that the American automaker has found stable financial footing and its partnership with Fiat has…

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EV and Hybrid Technology Too Expensive For Auto Buyers

There’s a well-known conundrum facing people fresh out of college who are looking for a job: You need a job in order to acquire experience, and you need experience in order to acquire a job. By the same token, companies refuse to invest in making new technology cheaper and more efficient until more people buy it, and people refuse to buy new technology until companies make it more efficient and cheaper. While electric cars are no longer a rare sight, it will be a while before they’re commonplace. This is…

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