Formic acid could help solve the hydrogen storage problem

Hydrogen Storage - Technology - Acid - Mineral Water

Researchers develop new system that pulls hydrogen fuel from formic acid Researchers from the GRT Group and EPFL have developed a new prototype fuel cell that is based on formic acid. Formic acid can act as a carrier for liquid hydrogen and could help overcome some of the storage challenges that have faced hydrogen fuel cells for several years. With the demand for fuel cells on the rise, finding new ways to store and transport hydrogen is becoming important. Formic acid may be the key to an longstanding storage issue…

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Researchers discover a new hydrogen fuel production method by recycling greenhouse gases

Chemists identify formic acid as a carrier of hydrogen fuel Chemists from the University of Southern California (USC) have developed a new way to produce hydrogen fuel. The method involves capturing greenhouse gases and using these gases to generate hydrogen without further creating any harmful emissions. Finding ways to produce hydrogen using greenhouse gases has long been an important concept among researchers interested in renewable energy. The new method could have major implications for future implementation of hydrogen fuel cells and how they are used in various sectors as energy…

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