A quality tire pressure gauge is essential to fuel economy

Even the slightest difference can measurably reduce a vehicle’s mileage and tire lifespan. Among the most important issues facing vehicle manufacturers at the moment is the reduction of emissions, which is vital to the environment, but from the consumer side, devices as practical as a tire pressure gauge can also make a significant difference. This is not only one of the best ways to save money, but it reduces emissions and extends the life of tires. Proper tire pressure maintenance may not sound like much of an important subject, but…

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Alternative energy industry grows with new partnership

Fuel Cell Industry - Partnership

Legacy, LLC hired to represent hydrogen pioneers Alternative Hydrogen Solutions You may not have heard of Hy-Impact but Alternative Hydrogen Solutions, LLC is looking to change that by hiring Legacy Consulting, Inc to help build brand recognition and aid in visibility nationally. Legacy is a consulting and strategy firm from Little Rock, AR which helps build up the profile of clients in many industries including both commercial operations and in government advocacy for new and advanced products. Alternative Energy Industry benefits from partnership AHS feels the pairing with Legacy will be a…

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