Eco-savvy businesses focus on the right well-maintained environmental equipment

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High quality instruments make the difference to results and reputation. For businesses using environmental equipment, their successes rely on the quality of their instruments.  Regardless of whether they rent or own their instruments, they need to know that they can complete the job efficiently, accurately and on time. Environmental equipment must be well made, calibrated and up to date. If a business is going to make an investment of its time, energy and funds into a project, there is no arguing the importance of using the best possible equipment. Experienced…

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ITM Power to conduct major study of hydrogen fuel power in the UK this year

UK Hydrogen Fuel

Hydrogen fuel study moves forward ITM Power, a manufacturer of hydrogen fuel cells, has been awarded a grant from the United Kingdom’s Technology Strategy Board. The grant is being issued through the agency’s Smart Power Distribution and Demand campaign. The money will help ITM Power investigate the feasibility of combining hydrogen fuel with the country’s current gas grid. The endeavor is meant to help prepare the UK’s energy infrastructure for growing demands and transition away from fossil-fuels. ITM Power believes that combining hydrogen with the country’s gas grid could make…

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