Small geothermal energy projects may become popular in Japan

IHI Corporation anticipates that smaller geothermal plants will find better success than larger facilities. Japan is seeking greener energy sources and IHI Corp. believes that small geothermal energy plants will be a big hit in the country, particularly in the years to come. A 20 Kilowatt (kW) generator has the ability to convert hot water into electricity. The Japanese heavy equipment manufacturer, which is based out of Tokyo, has created a 20 kW generator that cannot only produce energy from hot water, but it can be up and running in…

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Alternative energy news: Geothermal energy controversy heats up in Japan

As the country seeks sources of power outside of nuclear, strong opposing opinions become louder. One of the hottest topics in Japan, right now is in alternative energy news, as all of the 48 operational nuclear reactors across the country have been shut down for safety inspections, and replacement forms of power are considered. In this light, geothermal energy advantages and disadvantages have been a source of considerable debate. Three years have passed since the tsunami that caused the meltdown of three reactor cores at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power…

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Geothermal energy could replace nuclear in Japan

geothermal energy

Geothermal energy has vast potential in Japan Despite sidetracking its plans to be rid of nuclear energy within the coming years, Japan is still keen to replace its nuclear power plants with safer forms of energy. In 2011, the Fukushima disaster triggered a serious nuclear crisis in Northern Japan when a powerful tsunami tore apart several nuclear power facilities. Since then, the country has been working to move away from nuclear power, and geothermal may be becoming one of the best paths for this endeavor. Iceland ambassador highlights the capabilities…

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