Alternative energy news: Geothermal energy controversy heats up in Japan

March 14, 2014 0 By Julie Campbell

As the country seeks sources of power outside of nuclear, strong opposing opinions become louder.

Alternative Energy News - Geothermal EnergyOne of the hottest topics in Japan, right now is in alternative energy news, as all of the 48 operational nuclear reactors across the country have been shut down for safety inspections, and replacement forms of power are considered.

In this light, geothermal energy advantages and disadvantages have been a source of considerable debate.

Three years have passed since the tsunami that caused the meltdown of three reactor cores at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant. Since that time, alternative energy news has been generating some important discussions as the country seeks safer and yet still practical supply of power. Among those alternative energy sources that have been considered, geothermal energy has been at the top of the list.

This alternative energy news has been exceptionally promising for geothermal energy companies.

The advantages of geothermal energy are quite obvious, as a renewable source that is clean and ongoing. As the people of Japan are not necessarily looking forward to having the nuclear power plants restarted, this has only shed a brighter spotlight on those benefits. This has been made especially clear by the size of the protests that are held every Friday evening in downtown Tokyo. The number of people taking part in these rallies outside the home of the prime minister, in order to speak out against the nuclear policies in the country, is growing.

A recent poll held by a leading Japanese broadcaster showed that 60 percent of the people who participated disagreed with the intention of the government to restart the nuclear plants that have been shut down for the safety checks.

However, if the country would like to be able to avoid a reliance on either nuclear or fossil fuels, then they are going to need to look into the latest alternative energy news and find a renewable source. Considering the geothermal energy reserves in the Japan, this source could have considerable potential. Miles below the ground, there are tremendous reservoirs of hot steam that are just waiting to be used to power the turbines that generate the country’s electricity.

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