Solar Power goes Mainstream In Europe

When the talk turns to renewable energy sources and lessening our dependency on fossil fuels, good old solar power always gets brought up. One of the factors in determining the viability of alternate energy sources is the cost. Ten years ago, it cost $70 per watt to install solar panels. Nowadays, that price tag has shrunk to just $1.34, at least in Europe. A sight that’s becoming increasingly common in Europe Here Comes The Sun … At Least In Europe Solar photovoltaic generation, or PV, is on the rise. Currently,…

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Five New Green Travel Innovations

Green energy is currently one of the world’s fastest growing industries… and according to the International Energy Agency, it will soon replace natural gas as the second leading power source by the year 2016. Renewable energy sources, including hydroelectric power, make up the most rapidly developing sectors of the electricity generation industry. In fact, it’s been estimated that its prevalence will jump by a staggering 40 percent in the five years to come. In the United States alone, green energy was used to generate 12 percent of the country’s electricity,…

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Ohio home to 25,000 alternative energy jobs

EU Alternative Energy

Alternative energy making significant progress in Ohio Ohio has been a serious supporter of alternative energy and clean technology for some time. Recently, the state began throwing more support behind the use of alternative energy and has begun adopting more aggressive energy efficiency standards. Like other states, Ohio has begun seeing the economic potential of alternative energy. A new report from the Advanced Energy Economy Institute shows that this way of thinking about alternative energy could be having a major impact on the state’s employment rate. Report shows more than…

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Green industry support could produce economic growth in the UK

Green Fuel - Biodiesel

Study suggests that support of green industry could make UK an economic leader A new study from the United Kingdom’s Confederation of British Industry (CBI) highlights the potential economic impact of low-carbon products and services could have on the country. The CBI believes that if the UK government can take the appropriate actions, it could become a leader in energy efficient and environmentally services. This action could translate into significant economic growth for the UK, which could help fortify the country from the growing financial crises that has gripped Europe.…

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