Standard Versus Hybrid Versus TDI Diesel: Which Is Better?

Wouldn’t it be great if manufacturers made one car that has everything we want? There’d be fuel efficiency, space, low cost, attractive features, and green technology — all in one package. If you want high fuel efficiency, you have to sacrifice power. If you want high power, you sacrifice MPG. If you need more cargo space, you’ll need a bigger vehicle, which means a bigger engine, which means lower fuel efficiency. If you want a “green” vehicle, you’ll pay a little more up front in order to save operating costs…

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New hybrid vehicle developed in Qatar

Electric Vehicles & Hybrids - Renewable Energy

Gulf Organization for Research and Development produces new hybrid vehicle Qatar’s Gulf Organization for Research and Development has developed a new hybrid vehicle that could help open up a new future for clean transportation. The organization has been working on the vehicle for years and has revealed the model during a United Nations climate change summit that is taking place in the city of Doha. The vehicle is billed as a low-emission and low-fuel-consumption hybrid that is capable of cutting down pollution and providing consumers with a viable alternative to…

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