China’s new Forest City will be covered in plants and powered by renewable energy

Renewable Energy - Forest City

Ground has been broken on an innovative new city China has broken ground on its first “forest city.” The city is being developed in the Guangxi Province. The new city will make use of renewable energy in order to be self-sufficient and it will also be covered in more than 1 million plants and host more than 40,000 trees. An estimated 10,000 tons of carbon emissions and 57 tons of other pollutants are expected to be offset by the new city due to its vast array of plant life and…

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Ballard to deliver more hydrogen fuel cells to China

Fuel cell modules will be used to power new buses Ballard Power Systems, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, has announced that it has signed a purchase order from Shenzhen UpPower Technology, a company specializing in integrating fuel cell technology into buses. China is quickly becoming a powerful clean transportation market, with many cities investing in fuel cell buses for the purpose of public transit. This aligns with the country’s overarching goal to make transportation more environmentally friendly and reduce the amount of emissions produced by vehicles. Buses will…

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