Project Sunroof aims to help homeowners understand their solar energy potential

Project Sunroof - Solar Power

Google’s new project could shed some light on residential solar energy Google has launched a new initiative called Project Sunroof that intends to determine the viability of rooftop solar energy systems throughout the United States. Project Sunroof has developed 3-D models of rooftops in every state. The models include local foliage, which could have an effect on the amount of sunlight that reaches solar panels. The initiative also takes into account local weather patterns in order to adequately estimate how much electricity rooftop solar energy systems can produce. Interest in…

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Houston finds significant savings through clean transportation

Electric vehicles help save on annual costs The City of Houston, Texas, has been using a fleet of 27 Nissan Leaf electric vehicles for some time and these vehicles are beginning to show their value in terms of fuel costs. Electric vehicles are becoming popular among consumers, but governments have also been showing an interest in clean transportation for economic reasons. Transportation is an integral part of society and that means that cities tend to pay a significant amount of money on purchasing and transporting fuel. Electric vehicles can help…

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Texas launches initiative to promote electric vehicles

Electric vehicles gain more support in Texas Texas is taking an ambitious step in promoting clean transportation. In the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas, those purchasing Nissan Leaf electric vehicles will be able to charge their vehicles at public charging stations free of charge for the first year of ownership. The free charging initiative is expected to make the Leaf much more appealing to consumers, some of whom have expressed concerns regarding the costs associated with charging electric vehicles. Leaf owners can charge their vehicles for free In the Dallas-Fort…

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Houston makes progress on renewable energy front

Houston Texas - Renewable Energy

Progress in renewable energy proves difficult due to politics Renewable energy has been making strong progress in some parts of the U.S. A tense political atmosphere and the association that renewable energy has with climate change has made this progress slow throughout the country. In some parts of the U.S., politics has all but put an end to progress in the clean power sector. In others, however, politics has played a more reserved role in progress. Such is the case in Houston, Texas, which has become the nation’s largest municipal…

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Solar steam technology revealed by Rice University

Rice University - Nanotechnology Research

Rice University scientists unveil solar steam Scientists from the Rice University in Houston, Texas, have revealed a new technology that could be a major boon to solar energy. The technology is capable of converting solar energy directly into steam, a method that scientists refer to as “solar steam.” The method comes from Rice University’s Laboratory for Nanophotonics and is considered so powerful that it can even create steam from near-freezing water. Such technology could have profound implications for sanitation and water purification efforts around the world. Technology boasts of high…

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Hydrogen fuels the Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2011

Groups of students from all over the country have been spending the past several months preparing for the Shell Eco-marathon Americas 2011. The marathon is an event sponsored by Shell, designed to expand the boundaries of fuel efficiency by pitting teams of ambitious students against one another. Operating on the belief that competition fuels innovation, Shell is hoping that students will take alternative fuels to new heights. More than 70 teams of students representing 18 high schools and 31 universities throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico, will be competing in…

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