Texas launches initiative to promote electric vehicles

October 4, 2013 0 By Stephen Vagus

Electric vehicles gain more support in Texas

Texas is taking an ambitious step in promoting clean transportation. In the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas, those purchasing Nissan Leaf electric vehicles will be able to charge their vehicles at public charging stations free of charge for the first year of ownership. The free charging initiative is expected to make the Leaf much more appealing to consumers, some of whom have expressed concerns regarding the costs associated with charging electric vehicles.

Leaf owners can charge their vehicles for free

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area, more than 23 public charging stations are available to drivers of electric vehicles. There are 17 of these stations in the Houston area. Buyers of the Nissan Leaf will be able to use these stations without having to pay for the electricity they consume for one year. Some of the charging stations are equipped with fast charging technology that can power a battery 80% within 30 minutes. Other stations are equipped with conventional technology, which is capable of charging a battery over the course of several hours.

Texas - electric vehiclesCharging times and range are concerns for consumers

Charging times are one of the major criticisms that consumers have regarding electric vehicles. Conventional vehicles can be fueled in a manner of minutes, whereas it can take the better part of an entire day to charge an electric vehicle. Moreover, drivers have shown concern regarding the limited range of electric vehicles. These vehicles cannot travel as far as their conventional counterparts, making them unattractive for commuters and those driving any significant distance.

States continue to battle emissions

Several states in the U.S. have policies regarding emissions reduction. These policies target the transportation sector, hoping to mitigate the emissions that vehicles produce on a daily basis. As part of emissions reduction emissions, states often promote the adoption of electric vehicles. Many states provide subsidies for these vehicles, which are meant to offset the upfront cost of adoption, making electric vehicles more attractive to a wide range of consumers.

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