Large hydrogen production facility being built in Austria

Hydrogen Fuel Production - Flag of Austria

Austria is home to a new large-scale hydrogen production project A new large-scale hydrogen production facility is being built in Austria. The facility is part of a project to decarbonize steel production and use clean energy to make industries more environmentally friendly. Called H2FUTURE, the project brings together several companies that have an interest in clean power. These companies are working together to make “green” hydrogen production a reality. This will involve using renewable energy in the production process, effectively eliminating harmful emissions. Facility expected to be fully operational in…

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New hydrogen production plant may help Fukushima recover from its past disasters

Hydrogen Fuel - Satelite Image of Fukushima Plant Damaged on March 16th

New hydrogen project has been launched in the Fukushima Prefecture A new hydrogen production facility is set to be built in Japan’s Fukushima Prefecture. The project is backed by the Japanese government and involves several companies, including Toshiba and Tohoku Electric Power. The government hopes that the new project will help revitalize the earthquake stricken province, which is still struggling to recover from the impact of major quakes, one of which caused a major nuclear disaster. The Japanese government notes that the new production facility will be one of the…

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HyperSolar makes a breakthrough with its hydrogen production technology

Hydrogen Production - University of Iowa Campus

Catalyst improvements could help make hydrogen production more efficient HyperSolar, a prominent hydrogen technology company, has announced a major breakthrough with its catalyst technology. The company has made improvements to its 3D oxygen catalyst, which could make hydrogen production through the use of solar energy even more efficient. This improvement could help make fuel cells significantly more attractive in the coming years. By further optimizing fuel cell catalysts, HyperSolar could help add further momentum to the rapidly growing fuel cell industry. HyperSolar develops a stable oxygen catalyst The amount of…

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Blackstone Green Energy Develops Patent-Pending Process for Converting Zinc Ore into Green Hydrogen Fuel

Blackstone Green Energy

Blackstone Green Energy, Inc. has developed a patent-pending process for converting zinc ore into hydrogen fuel. Blackstone’s technology creates strictly “green” hydrogen, which means the production cycle does not burn fossil fuels or release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This represents a significant improvement over “brown” hydrogen-production techniques, such as steam reformation, which burn large amounts of natural gas to produce relatively small amounts of hydrogen. Dubbed the Green Energy Machine (“GEM”), the process utilizes the well-established technique of zinc hydrolysis to produce hydrogen (water splitting). The process uses solar-powered…

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Solar energy may be the solution to sustainable hydrogen fuel production

Hydrogen Fuel Production - Test Tubes

Using solar power to generate hydrogen is becoming a popular idea Finding ways to use renewable energy to produce hydrogen fuel has become very important in the clean power space. Currently, conventional hydrogen production is heavily reliant on the use of fossil-fuels, such as natural gas. This makes hydrogen significantly less environmentally friendly than it is meant to be because the production process is responsible for a large amount of emissions production. Now, however, concentrated solar energy may be the ideal solution when it comes to sustainable hydrogen fuel production.…

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New membrane could help make hydrogen production less expensive and more efficient

Hydrogen production - Research in lab

Researchers develop new ceramic membrane that can produce hydrogen from methane Researchers from the Institute of Chemical Technology, the Valencia Polytechnic University, and the Superior Council of Scientific Investigation, have developed a new ceramic membrane that allows for hydrogen fuel to be produced from methane. The researchers suggest that this process can be accomplished with nearly no energy loss. The membrane could open up a way for hydrogen fuel to be produced in an affordable and efficient manner, which may help make fuel cells much more popular. Finding efficient ways…

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New hydrogen production record set by NREL

New Hydrogen Production Record - Bullseye

National laboratory sets a new production record Researchers from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) in the United States have set a new record with a novel hydrogen production process. This process was developed more than a decade ago and involves converting sunlight into hydrogen. This hydrogen can then be used by a fuel cell system to generate electricity. In 1998, NREL set a record in converting sunlight into hydrogen using this process. Now, scientists have revisited the process in order to improve it, setting a new efficiency record. Technological…

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DOE to invest $15.8 million in support for projects focused on fuel cells

Fuel Cells Investment

Federal agency aims to support 30 new projects that seek to improve fuel cells The U.S. Department of Energy has announced some $15.8 million in investments for 30 new projects throughout the country. These projects will be focused on fuel cell technology, hydrogen production, and storage. The federal agency is still in the process of selecting projects that will receive funding. Selected projects will be able to take advantage of a coalition of the country’s national laboratory, which was brought together through the agency’s Energy Materials Network. Projects will take…

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Research team develops a new way to produce hydrogen fuel while cleaning the air

Hydrogen Fuel - Research involving test tubes

New device aims to generate hydrogen fuel from the air Researchers from the University of Antwerp and the University of Lueven have developed a new way to clear air pollution while also generating hydrogen fuel. The research team has created a new device that leverages the process of heterogeneous photocatalysis. This process makes use of light and a special catalyst in order to produce a chemical reaction. Heterogeneous photocatalysis is often used to produce hydrogen from water, which produces no harmful emissions during the production process. Device is designed clear…

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NREL develops method to improve renewable hydrogen fuel production

Hydrogen Fuel Production - Renewable Energy

Researchers have found a way to improve the longevity of photocathodes Researchers from the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) have developed a new method that is meant to enhance the longevity of photocathodes in photoelectrochemical (PEC) water-splitting devices. These devices are often used to generate hydrogen fuel through the use of solar power. A PEC device could be a promising way to produce renewable hydrogen fuel, as it is reliant on solar power rather than natural gas. The relatively short longevity of the photocathodes used by these devices has…

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Researchers develop artificial leaf capable of producing hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Research

Artificial leaf harvests sunlight in order to produce hydrogen fuel An international team of researchers working with the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology have developed a new artificial leaf, which is capable of producing hydrogen fuel. The leaf is meant to mimic photosynthesis, gathering sunlight and generating the electricity needed for the hydrogen production process. For years, researchers throughout the world have been looking for ways to harness renewable power in order to produce hydrogen. Using clean energy to produce hydrogen fuel has been a priority for research…

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Hydrogenics to bolster hydrogen fuel production in Thailand

Company has been chosen to help build new hydrogen production and storage system Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hybrid hydrogen fuel production technology, has been awarded a role in helping develop Southeast Asia’s first renewable hydrogen fuel storage system and power plant. The project is being headed by Pharam 2 Civil Engineering and is backed by the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand. This project will seek to generate hydrogen through the use of renewable energy. This hydrogen will then be used to generate electrical power through fuel cells. Hydrogenics to…

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Firms Shifting Focus from Fossil Fuels to Hydrogen

Since the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels have powered global economies, and up until now they are the primary sources for energy. Growing concerns for the environment led the industry to search for alternative solutions, including solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biomass energy. However, the accessibility of oil, gas, and coal still plays a pertinent role in everyday operations. World Watch Institute reported that the total global fossil fuel consumption in 2012 was 87 percent and predicted that coal consumption would surpass oil by 2017. But given the current situation of…

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Report highlights the growth in demand for hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen production is getting better and the demand for this energy is growing Freedonia, an industry market research firm, has released its new World Hydrogen Market report. The report identifies several trends that have emerged in the clean energy space, focusing on the hydrogen market. Hydrogen is quickly becoming a more popular alternative to conventional energy sources and the demand for fuel cell systems is growing. The report notes that growth is being driven by advances made in hydrogen production methods and technology. Hydrogen production expected to increase by 3.5%…

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Mercedes-Benz provides insight to the future of clean transportation

Automaker creates a concept vehicle that combines hydrogen, solar, and wind power German automaker Mercedes-Benz has begun showing off its new concept car, the Vision G-Code. Concept cars are often incredible, as engineers have free reign over what they can make. While most concepts do not make it to the production stage, these vehicles can shed some light on the future of transportation. Mercedes-Benz’ new vehicle is equipped with new technology that could help make transportation more environmentally friendly, harnessing both solar and wind power. High-tech paint job allows vehicle…

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Scientists make energy storage breakthrough

Rice University scientists make molybdenum disulfide discovery. A research team from Rice University has managed to transform the two dimensional form of molybdenum disulfide into a nanoporous film that can be used for energy storage or can catalyze hydrogen production. Developing flexible films of the material could be cost-effective for fuel cells. Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) is a semiconductor that is made up of a layer of sulfur atoms that are situated between two layers of molybdenum, a brittle transition metal. From above, the material looks like graphene, but when turned…

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