DOE seeks feedback concerning hydrogen fuel infrastructure efforts

Agency looks for information from stakeholders The U.S. Department of Energy has issued a request for information concerning the introduction of hydrogen-powered vehicles and the establishment of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. The request for information was issued through the agency’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office, which has been working to support fuel cell technology and its adoption throughout the U.S. for some time. Those investing in the concept of hydrogen transportation have been encouraged to submit feedback to the federal agency. Infrastructure remains a problematic issue One of the greatest challenges…

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Hyundai continues making waves in the world of hydrogen fuel

Hydrogen Fuel Hyundai Tucson ix35 hydrogen powered car

Hydrogen fuel gaining ground with the help of Hyundai The auto industry has been toying with the concept of hydrogen-powered vehicles since the 1960’s. Efforts to develop such vehicles have been very limited in the past, largely due to the costs associated with hydrogen fuel cells and the lack of a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Now, however, hydrogen fuel seems to be a major focus for automakers, with Hyundai leading the charge in bringing hydrogen-powered vehicles to the market. The South Korean automaker has been making waves in the world…

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