Iceland to begin hydrogen fuel production at geothermal power plant

Hydrogen Fuel Production - Geothermal Power Plant in Iceland

ON Power has announced it will start its experimental production of hydrogen. The Icelandic geothermal power utility is set to start hydrogen fuel production later this month near its Hellisheidi geothermal power plant in Southwest Iceland, which is located close to the country`s capital, Reykjavik. The hydrogen station is part of a bigger European research project. Along with two other Icelandic companies – Orkan and Icelandic New Energy – ON Power is participating in a European hydrogen research project. As part of its participation, it has purchased an electrolyte, which…

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Ambitious geothermal energy project in Iceland successfully completes its first phase

Geothermal Energy - Volcano in Iceland

Iceland Deep Drilling Project has completed drilling into a volcano Geologists and engineers in Iceland have successfully completed the first stage of the Iceland Deep Drilling Project, focused on gauging the economic feasibility of unconventional geothermal energy resources. The project involved drilling deep into the heart of a volcano. Drilling such a borehole is quite risky, but the project has managed to reach its target depth. Now, researchers will determine how the volcano can be used to generate geothermal energy in an effective manner. Project drills 2.9 miles into a…

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Iceland to develop one of the world’s largest geothermal energy systems

Geothermal Energy - Thermal Spring

New geothermal energy project is being developed in Iceland Iceland has begun development on what may become the world’s deepest geothermal borehole. The country is drilling the borehole into the heart of a volcano. The borehole will be at a depth of 3.10 miles, significantly deeper than other geothermal boreholes in the country. Iceland is currently one of the leading producers of geothermal energy and the country is eager to embrace this form of power more aggressively in an effort to reduce reliance on fossil-fuels. New project could generate up…

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Geothermal energy market is gaining momentum

Representatives to come together for geothermal power conference being held in the US Representatives from 24 countries will come together in Washington D.C. in April in order to participate in an event being hosted by the Geothermal Energy Association. The event is meant to highlight matters concerning geothermal development in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. During the event, the Geothermal Energy Association is expected to release the results of its annual international geothermal market update, showcasing the growth that this form of renewable energy has made throughout the…

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Geothermal energy receives more attention in Iceland

Energy investment program receives strong support from Geothermal Cluster Startup Energy Reykjavik, an investment program that is focused on renewable energy, has received the support of Iceland’s Geothermal Cluster, a coalition of organizations that have a prominent presence in the nation’s geothermal energy sector. Iceland has had a strong focus on geothermal power for some time and is positioned in a part of the world that is littered with volcanoes and somewhat notorious for its geological activity. The country’s access to geothermal power has made a fossil-free future possible, though…

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Geothermal energy breakthrough made in Iceland

Iceland makes major progress on the geothermal power front Geothermal energy typically receives little attention when compared to other forms of clean power, such as wind and solar. This is partly due to how expensive this form of energy still is while other forms of renewable energy continue to become more affordable. Geothermal energy does represent a great deal of potential, however, and could help the world move away from fossil-fuels effectively over the coming years. As countries begin to expand their focus on clean power, promising geothermal projects are…

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