Japan issues support for climate change fund

Green Climate Fund releases funds to support developing countries The fight against climate change has taken an important step forward with the release of $5 billion for the Green Climate Fund. The fund is designed to serve as a mechanism to redistribute money from the developed world to the developing world. These funds are meant to be used to support the adoption of renewable energy, financing new projects that can help developing countries become more environmentally friendly. The fund also provides support for initiatives that aim to mitigate the impact…

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Japan set to help Caribbean nations fight climate change

Japanese government launches new partnership with Caribbean countries for the sake of the environment The Japanese government is preparing to take further action on the climate change issue. The government has recently launched a new project that will expand the support it offers to Caribbean countries. These countries will be particularly affected by one of the consequences of climate change: Rising sea levels. Through the Japan-Caribbean Climate Change Partnership, the effects of rising sea levels and climatic phenomena could be mitigated to some degree. Eight Caribbean countries will receive $15…

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US fosters more cooperation in the fight against climate change

Global Climate Change

John Kerry makes climate change a major subject during tour of Asia Recently appointed U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry has embarked on his first official tour of Asia in his new position. Kerry’s tour of Asia is not for leisure, however, as the Secretary of State has been working to draw more attention to climate change. The U.S. federal government has been growing to become a strong supporter of renewable energy and had been showing more concern for the possible threat of climate change. During his tour of Asia,…

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