Wind energy market in Kansas is showing signs of healthy growth

Wind Energy in Kansas - Wind Turbines

Energy officials predict that the wind energy market will continue to thrive Wind energy developers in Kansas have high hopes for the state’s clean power market. Several energy companies predict that the wind market will continue to see growth well into the future, even as large developers begin to slow the creation of new projects. One of the reasons the wind market is expected to continue expanding is because of the increasingly efficient nature of turbine technology. Utilities are showing more interest in wind power due to costs In Kansas,…

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Microsoft announces its largest wind energy deal to date

Microsoft forms new deal to acquire wind energy Technology giant Microsoft has announced that it has signed its largest wind energy deal to date. The company will be using wind to generate electricity to its largest data centers in the United States. The latest deal is one of two new contracts that represent some 237 megawatts of capacity. These deals bring Microsoft’s total use of wind energy to more than 500 megawatts. This continues Microsoft’s trend of embracing renewable energy in an effort to reduce its production of carbon emissions…

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Alabama Power to purchase wind energy from Kansas and Oklahoma

Wind Energy Farm

Alabama Power reveals plans concerning wind energy Alabama Power, one of Alabama’s largest electric utilities, has revealed plans for a massive wind energy project that has won the approval of the state’s Public Service Commission. Wind energy is beginning to play a bigger role in the energy plans of the entire country. As more technologically advanced wind turbines are produced, the attractiveness of wind energy systems is increasing. Alabama Power believes that the time is right to make use of wind energy, but will not be making use of the…

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Joplin may be rebuilt as a clean energy city with the help of GreenTown Joplin


Rebuilding green brings hope for a clean energy future to the U.S. Last year, Missouri was one of several states that fell victim to an unexpected and unprecedented outbreak of tornadoes. These tornadoes caused massive amounts of damage as they carved their way through the Midwest. The city of Joplin, Missouri, suffered a direct hit from a powerful tornado that left much of the city ruins. The disaster is nearly a year old and the recovery effort is still underway. As the city begins to pull itself back together, a new…

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