Hydrogen fuel cell developer wins grant from UK government

Hydrogen fuel cells continue to gain support in the UK Ceres Power, a developer of residential hydrogen fuel cell systems, has been awarded a $1.5 million grant from the United Kingdom’s Department of Energy and Climate Change. The agency has been working to establish the United Kingdom as a world leader in low-carbon technologies and has put a strong focus on fuel cells and other such clean energy systems. While fuel cells remain quite popular in the transportation sector, these energy systems are beginning to gain more attention for their…

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Ceres Power to develop domestic fuel cells in South Korea

South Korea - Fuel Cells

Fuel cells could see domestic use in South Korea Ceres Power, a developer of hydrogen fuel cell products, has announced that it has signed a commercial and technical agreement with KD Navien, the largest manufacturer and installer of boilers in South Korea. KD Navien is responsible for the majority of the boilers that are used by consumers throughout South Korea and exports these boilers to other large markets outside of the country. Together, the two companies will work to develop a fuel cell system that can be used in homes…

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