Riversimple could help promote hydrogen fuel in China

Hydrogen Fuel - Encouraging Adoption of Fuel Cell Vehicles

Riversimple founder will be joining Prime Minister Theresa May in China Clean transportation may be a subject of discussion as United Kingdom Prime Minister Theresa May makes her first journey to China. Hugo Spowers, founder of clean vehicle developer Riversimple, will be part of a delegation that will be traveling with the Prime Minister. During the trip, the delegation will be visiting several cities. This may serve as an opportunity for Riversimple, as well as several other companies, to lay groundwork to make an entry into the Chinese market. Riversimple…

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Survey leans towards strong growth for hydrogen cars

Hydrogen fuel cells seem to be on the minds of more car manufacturers these days. According to the 12th KPMG annual global automotive executive survey, 8 out of 10 executives believe that hydrogen powered vehicle sales will see profound growth over the next five years. The survey shows that there is still lingering skepticism about the fuel cells, however, as the adoption of fuel cells remains sparse throughout the industry. Ashleigh Raine-Botha, a senior research analyst at KPMG, says that the majority of respondents do not expect to see reliable,…

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