UK project breaks two records with its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

London Hydrogen Network Expansion project has managed to break previous records with its fuel cell vehicle The London Hydrogen Network Expansion project has set two new distance records in terms of powering fuel cell vehicles. Working with several partners, the project has managed to achieve the longest journey in the United Kingdom on a single tank of hydrogen fuel. The project’s fuel cell vehicle has traveled 400 miles before needing to refuel. The vehicle has also achieved a new record for continuous travel, trekking some 9,096 miles over the course…

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Hyundai delivers hydrogen fuel vehicles to the UK

Hyundai - Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle

Hydrogen fuel takes a step forward in the UK Clean transportation in the United Kingdom may take a strong step forward with the help of South Korean automaker Hyundai. The automaker has been working to deploy its new ix35 hydrogen-powered vehicles throughout Europe. So far, 15 of these vehicles have been delivered to Denmark and Hyundai has plans to slowly introduce its ix35 to other markets over the coming months. Five of the company’s hydrogen fuel vehicles have been delivered to the United Kingdom as the country’s London Hydrogen Network…

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Hydrogen fuel gaining steam in the UK

Hydrogen Fuel taking off in UK

Hydrogen fuel infrastructure efforts gaining momentum in the UK The United Kingdom has been working to bolster its hydrogen fuel infrastructure recently in an effort to prepare for the launch of hydrogen-powered vehicles in the near future. The auto industry has come to adopt hydrogen fuel in a major way, with most of the world’s automakers planning to release hydrogen-powered vehicles by 2017. The UK is one of the industry’s favored markets, but to remain so it must establish a comprehensive hydrogen fuel infrastructure that is capable of supporting a…

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Hydrogen fuel infrastructure gets a boost in London

Hydrogen Fuel UK

Companies come together to support hydrogen fuel A consortium of companies has emerged in the United Kingdom to support the ambitious London Hydrogen Network Expansion (LHNE) project. The project is a government-backed, three-year initiative that aims to bolster the hydrogen fuel infrastructure and promote hydrogen transport throughout London. The project is partially funded by the Technology Strategy Board, an innovation agency that is part of the UK government. The consortium will be participating in the project, applying expertise that could make it a resounding success. Air Products to lead LHNE…

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