Massachusetts offshore wind farm offer massive savings for consumers

Massachusetts offshore wind energy - Wind Turbine on water

The first major offshore wind farm in the US to cut monthly power bills up to 1.5%. The Massachusetts offshore wind farm is expected to save the state’s electricity users an estimated $1.4 billion over 20 years, reported Bloomberg. Electricity will be delivered at an average price of 8.9 cents per kilowatt hour. The commercial-scale 800-megawatt Massachusetts offshore wind project known as Vineyard Wind, which will be located just south of Martha’s Vineyard, has agreed to provide electricity at an average price of 8.9 cents a kilowatt hour throughout the…

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State devotes $10 million to support energy storage

Massachusetts launches new initiative to support the advancement of storage technologies Massachusetts has launched a new $10 million initiative that is designed to support energy storage in the state. The funding is being provided by the Department of Energy Resources and will be used to fund the research and development of new energy storage solutions. The funding will be funneled to local energy companies that have innovative products, as well as be used to create new public policies that will support the adoption of energy storage solutions. Homeowners may be…

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Massachusetts moves to embrace a smart grid

State agency issues order to utilities The Department of Public Utilities in Massachusetts has issued an order to the state’s largest energy providers concerning their adoption of a smart grid. A smart grid is a modernized energy infrastructure that makes use of better information and communications technologies and is more accommodating of renewable energy. The state’s current infrastructure is often considered inefficient due to the changing ways people consumer energy and the new sources from which that energy is coming from. Smart grid program could be a boon for renewable…

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