H2ME to bring 100 fuel cell vehicles to Europe

Fuel Cell Vehicles - Cars in France

More fuel cell vehicles are on their way to Europe Hydrogen Mobility Europe (H2ME) is planning to launch 100 new fuel cell vehicles in the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. The vehicles are part of a real-world test to determine their capabilities and examine Europe’s hydrogen infrastructure. The initiative has received backing from the European Commission and has brought together some of the largest automakers in the world. If successful, the project may help demonstrate how fuel cell vehicles can replace their conventional counterparts and cut down on transportation emissions.…

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Mercedes-Benz reaches new milestone with hydrogen fuel cell vehicle

B-Class F-Cell reaches a new milestone, showing off the capabilities of fuel cells German automaker Mercedes-Benz has reached a new milestone with its B-Class F-Cell fuel cell vehicle. The company has been promoting hydrogen fuel cells in transportation for the past few years and was one of the first to showcase the performance on these energy systems in the transportation space. A few years ago, the automaker succeeded in taking its B-Class F-Cell vehicles around the world, showing that fuel cell vehicles can compete with their conventional counterparts without much…

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The end of the tour is just the beginning for the eye catching Mercedes F-Cell B-Class

Merceds Benz - Hydrogen Fuel Vehicles

The Mercedes-Benz hydrogen powered world tour is nearing its end. Mercedes has already three of the F-CELL B-Class vehicles through Europe, America and Australia. The manufacturer is hoping that the tour will prove the viability of hydrogen powered vehicles and show that fuel cells are ready for commercial consumption. Now the fleet is moving into Asia after completing the Australian leg of their journey. The F-Cell B-Class cars arrived in China in time for the Auto Shanghai show, where Mercedes showed off their hydrogen technologies to crowds. After departing, the fleet…

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Mercedes proves their hydrogen powered cars will make the grade

As Mercedes-Benz continues to promote their hydrogen-powered world tour, the manufacturer is beginning to unfurl plans for the emerging hydrogen fuel industry. Earlier this year, Mercedes-Benz launched their B-Class fuel cell cars on a global trip to prove that hydrogen is ready for commercial use. Other vehicle manufacturers have been fervently working on developing their own cars that shun fossil-fuels, but they seem to be laboring in the shadow of Benz as the world tour commands consumer attention. The German based manufacturer is the first to show the efficiency and…

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Daimler’s plans to open a hydrogen fuel cell plant in Canada revealed

Interest in hydrogen powered cars has subsided recently thanks to the lack of major advancements in making fuel cells more cost-effective and more attention being drawn to battery powered vehicles. Despite waning interest, more car manufacturers are beginning to produce hydrogen powered vehicles. Industry giant Daimler has announced plans to develop its own hydrogen fuel cell that will be used to power a new plant in Vancouver, Canada. Daimler has already shown its investment in hydrogen power by producing the Mercedes-Benz B-Class F-Cell, which is currently making its way around…

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