Honda cuts production of natural gas Civic

Honda will no longer be making a CNG Civic Automaker Honda has announced that it will no longer be making a hybrid or compressed natural gas version of its Civic. The company has plans to produce other electric vehicles, as well as those powered by hydrogen fuel, but natural gas will no longer be a part of the Civic’s future. Automakers have been showing some interest in vehicles powered by natural gas, largely because natural gas is a fraction of the price of gasoline. These vehicles have struggled to find…

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Obama seeks to raise subsidy for electric vehicles

Increasing subsidy could make electric vehicles more attractive President Barack Obama has petitioned Congress to raise the subsidies for electric vehicles, yet again. The President has sought to increase these subsidies for some time, but has been unsuccessful in his efforts, for the most part. Subsidies offered by the federal government have helped make electric vehicles more accessible, allowing a wider range of consumers to purchase these vehicles. By increasing the federal subsidies, electric vehicles may become more popular to consumers. Obama aims to raise the current subsidy to $10,000,…

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Audi to build new methane production factory in Germany

audi logo - hydrogen fuel

Audi announces plans for fuel production facility Acclaimed automaker Audi has announced that it will be building a new fuel production facility in Germany. The facility will make use of surplus energy produced by the country’s renewable power sources, such as wind and solar energy. This surplus energy will be used to produce methane gas from water and carbon dioxide. The venture is expected to help remove a significant amount of carbon emissions from the environment while also producing a gas that can be used as an efficient fuel. Technology…

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