Panel recommends Japan to focus more on renewable energy abroad

Renewable Energy - Solar, Wind and Alternative Energy

Panel submits recommendations concerning Japan’s clean power plans A panel advising the Japanese Foreign Ministry has suggested that Japan could have a major global impact on the world if it increases its support of renewable energy in developing countries. The panel submitted its recommendations concerning this to Taro Kono, Japan’s Foreign Minister. Kono has ordered that the panel be formed following the ratification of the Paris Agreement. The agreement established a framework that countries throughout the world could use to combat climate change. Japan may need to show more support…

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Scientists create fuel cell slime from atmospheric bacteria

Newcastle University in the United Kingdom

Scientists from the Newcastle University in the United Kingdom have found a way to use bacteria from Earth’s atmosphere to create a filmy material that could make fuel cells more efficient. Researchers have isolated some 75 different strains of bacteria that inhabit the planet’s stratosphere. Two of these bacteria, called B. stratospheric and B. altitudinal, are able to improve the performance of microbial fuel cells. Using these bacteria could lower the cost of these energy systems and make them more powerful overall. Using these bacteria, researchers were able to produce…

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Tobacco is a powerful biofuel, according to researchers at University of California

Alternative Fuel

For the past two decades, tobacco has played the villain in the U.S. Though tobacco itself contains only nicotine, cigarette companies have long added carcinogenic chemicals to their products, which has led many to see tobacco as a harmful product in and of itself. Researchers from the University of California in Berkeley claim that tobacco need no longer be portrayed as a villain because it can be a powerful biofuel. Thus, scientists with the university have developed a fuel based entirely on the simple plant. Using microbial fermentation, biochemist Christer…

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BMW says that the future of hydrogen energy is in the hands of consumers

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Outlook

Though most major automakers are investing heavily into hydrogen fuel cell technology, BMW says that consumers will be the ones that decide whether hydrogen, as energy, has a future. The automaker has supported fuel cells in the past and believes that hydrogen is a viable alternative to oil, but claims that automakers won’t see success with the technology through efforts of brute force. Regardless of all the money that automakers have dumped into improving fuel cells and making hydrogen-powered cars, consumers hold the keys to the ultimate fate of the…

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