Google to use wind energy to power European data centers

Wind Energy - Google Search

Google will be purchasing electricity from new wind energy system in Norway Google has announced that it expects to begin receiving electricity from a wind energy system in Norway in September. The company has been investing heavily in wind power for the past few years in an attempt to become more environmentally friendly and cut emissions production. Google will be purchasing electricity from the Tellenes Wind Farm, which is comprised of 50 wind turbines. This deal represents the largest power purchase agreement that Google has made in Europe and is…

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New renewable energy storage method born in Norway

Norway - Renewable Energy

Researchers find new way to store renewable energy As renewable energy continues to grow more popular, finding ways to efficiently store this energy is becoming more important. Renewable energy does not synergize well with conventional storage methods, as most of these methods are designed with fossil-fuels in mind. As such, efforts have begun in some country’s to modernize existing energy grids to make them more accommodating to clean power. This modernization has proven to be a costly and somewhat complicated endeavor, leading to a need to find innovative ways to…

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