New wind energy project to take form in Oklahoma

Wind Energy - Wind Turbines Renewable Energy

State utility to help develop a new wind energy system Oklahoma’s Public Service Company has announced that it will be developing a new wind energy system, called Wind Catcher. Through the project, the Public Service Company expects to develop one of the largest wind energy systems in the United States. The project will help the utility become more environmentally friendly. Once completed, the Wind Catcher project will contribute heavily to Oklahoma’s wind energy capacity. The project is expected to be completed and begin producing electrical power by the end of…

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Oklahoma is ending its wind energy tax credit

Wind Energy - Tax Credit Ending

State moves to put an end to tax credit that has supported wind energy for a decade Oklahoma will be putting an end to a tax credit that has helped support the growth of wind energy in the state. Currently, Oklahoma ranks third in the United States in terms of wind capacity and generation, largely due to the tax credit that has supported the sector for a decade. Governor Mary Fallin signed legislation this week that will roll back the tax credit gradually through 2027. The short-term impact of this…

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Chinese company brings wind energy software to the US

Envision Energy makes a deal with US energy company Energy developers in China has been showing interest in markets beyond their home country recently. Many of these developers are looking to take advantage of the growing demand for clean technologies and renewable energy. China’s Envision Energy, a leading provider of energy services, has made a deal with Atlantic Power, a prominent energy company based in Oklahoma. Per the deal, Envision Energy will be providing the company with its Smart Wind Farm software. Software will help wind farms and turbines operate…

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Google embraces wind energy

Google renewable energy

Google announced adoption of new wind energy system Acclaimed technology giant Google has announced that it will be making use of wind energy at one of its largest data centers in Oklahoma. The company has long held an interest in clean energy, but has only very recently begun ramping up its support for sustainability. The two forms of clean energy that the company has shown the most interest in lately are solar and wind. Both of these energies have the capacity to help the company break away from its reliance…

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Massive wind energy project granted approval by federal agency

Wind Energy - Wind Farms

Plains and Eastern Clean Line wind energy project to take root in Oklahoma The U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has approved a wind energy initiative that will take root in Oklahoma. The initiative is called the Plains and Eastern Clean Line project and it aims to establish an energy transmission line that will extend from western Oklahoma to well into Tennessee. The project aims to spark the development of $3.5 billion worth of wind farms, which will generate the electricity that will be fed through the transmission line. Project to…

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