New wind energy project to take form in Oklahoma

New wind energy project to take form in Oklahoma

August 1, 2017 0 By Bret Williams

State utility to help develop a new wind energy system

Oklahoma’s Public Service Company has announced that it will be developing a new wind energy system, called Wind Catcher. Through the project, the Public Service Company expects to develop one of the largest wind energy systems in the United States. The project will help the utility become more environmentally friendly. Once completed, the Wind Catcher project will contribute heavily to Oklahoma’s wind energy capacity. The project is expected to be completed and begin producing electrical power by the end of 2020.

40% of utility’s electricity to come from wind power by 2021

According to the Public Service Company, approximately 40% of the electricity that the utility uses will come from wind energy by 2021. The Wind Catcher project will operate alongside another wind energy system operated by the Southwestern Electric Power Company. Combined, these projects will have a capacity of 2,000 megawatts. Of this capacity, the Public Service Company will make use of 600 megawatts of electrical power.

Oklahoma is becoming a leading wind energy market

Wind energy is becoming quite popular in Oklahoma. The state is home to strong wind currents that allow wind turbines to generate a significant amount of electricity throughout the year. The Oklahoma government has been showing support for wind energy as a way to meet its environmental goals and reduce the production of harmful emissions. The state is expected to become a leading market for wind power in the near future, especially if government support remains strong.

Wind power is becoming less expensive

The cost of wind energy is falling rapidly. This is making it easier to develop new wind projects throughout the country. The falling cost of wind power is also encouraging utilities to invest more heavily into this form of clean energy. Utilities are also feeling pressure from governments to embrace wind energy in order to distance themselves from fossil-fuels. These utilities have been opposed to renewable energy in the past, citing concerns regarding potential price disparities among consumers.


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