Poland explores possibility of hydrogen fuel trains

Hydrogen fuel train - Railway and train in Poland

Polish companies are betting on hydrogen as the fuel of the future. Hydrogen fuel trains could be coming to Poland in the future. JSW, a Polish coal mining company, and PKP Cargo, a national rail freight operator, are working together to research, analyze and potentially produce new types of shunting locomotives and freight wagons powered by hydrogen fuel, reported the International Railway Journal. The companies want to invest in projects involving the commercial use of hydrogen fuel. The main goal is to workout innovative solutions involving the commercial operation of…

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Polish town attains 100% renewable energy goal

Town of Kisielice receives all of its energy from renewable sources, such as wind and biomass A relatively small town in Poland has received the ManagEnergy Award from the European Commission for its accomplishments regarding renewable energy. The town of Kisielice, which has a population of approximately 2,222,  has been working to reduce emissions, abandon its reliance on fossil-fuels, improve air quality, and embrace clean energy. The town’s efforts have been successful, as it has reached a point where it can powered completely by renewable energy. Wind energy allows the…

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