Hyundai brings clean vehicles to the Winter Olympics

Clean Vehicles - Olympic Rings - Winter Olympics

Clean cars are on display at the Olympic Games in South Korea The 2018 Winter Olympics have arrived in South Korea and the event is beginning to highlight the capabilities of self-driving, clean vehicles. Those attending the event, which is being hosted in Pyeongchang, are using shuttle buses to travel around. These buses are equipped with clean power systems as well as autonomous technology. South Korean automaker Hyundai has also brought its fuel cell vehicles to the Olympic Games in order to provide attendees with clean transportation. Hyundai’s Nexo is…

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Hyundai to unveil new fuel cell system at 2018 Winter Olympics

Automaker has developed a new fuel cell system that will be used in an innovative vehicle South Korean automaker Hyundai has revealed that it will be launching its next generation fuel cell system in 2018. This new fuel cell system will be used to power a new vehicle, which will be ready to showcase in time for the Winter Olympic, which is being held in South Korea. According to Hyundai, the system will be used in an entirely new vehicle, which will appear to be a hybrid sports utility vehicle…

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