Researchers develop innovative new battery system that can efficiently store renewable energy

Renewable Energy Research - RMIT Univeristy City Campus Buildings

Researchers develop world’s first rechargeable proton battery Researchers from the RMIT University in Australia have developed what they are calling the world’s first rechargeable proton battery. The battery is designed t make use of carbon and water instead of lithium. As such, it is somewhat less expensive than its conventional counterparts. The battery itself produces no harmful emissions and can store electricity in an efficient manner. Researchers claim that it is a sort of hybrid between a chemical battery and a hydrogen fuel cell. New system acts as a hybrid…

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Role of hydrogen-powered vehicles subject of new study

ClearEdge Power aquires UTC Power

RMIT researchers aim to examine the role that hydrogen fuel cells play in transportation Though hydrogen fuel has become a primary focus of the global auto industry, the role that hydrogen-powered vehicles will play in the future has been subject to debate. Because hydrogen-powered vehicles are still in an early stage of their existence, it is impossible to say for certain that they will be a prominent part of transportation in the future. Though automakers are keen to highlight the benefits of hydrogen fuel, they have been unable to generate…

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