Researchers develop innovative new battery system that can efficiently store renewable energy

Researchers develop innovative new battery system that can efficiently store renewable energy

March 13, 2018 0 By Alicia Moore

Researchers develop world’s first rechargeable proton battery

Researchers from the RMIT University in Australia have developed what they are calling the world’s first rechargeable proton battery. The battery is designed t make use of carbon and water instead of lithium. As such, it is somewhat less expensive than its conventional counterparts. The battery itself produces no harmful emissions and can store electricity in an efficient manner. Researchers claim that it is a sort of hybrid between a chemical battery and a hydrogen fuel cell.

New system acts as a hybrid between a battery and hydrogen fuel cell

When charged, the water inside of the battery is split into its base components of hydrogen and oxygen. The protons produced by this process combine with the battery’s carbon electrodes. The hydrogen then combines with the oxygen once again to form water within the battery. The prototype battery has shown itself to be particularly efficient and could eventually serve as an effective energy storage systems for homeowners interested in renewable energy.

New battery could be commercially available within 10 years

Researchers believe that the new battery could be commercially available within the next 10 years. Once ready, the battery could serve as a competitor to home-based energy storage solutions that are becoming more popular. Notably, Tesla offers such a storage system with its Powerwall. The storage system allows homeowners to store electrical power that they generate through the use of rooftop solar panels.

Battery system could become popular among homeowners that are interested in renewable energy

Efficient storage solutions could help accelerate the adoption of renewable energy in the residential sector. Many homeowners have begun to show significant support for solar power in recent years. Some have installed solar panels on their homes in order to generate electrical power themselves. For these homeowners, energy storage systems are quite important, but most conventional options are expensive investments. The new battery from RMIT University researchers could help solve this problem by giving homeowners an affordable storage system that is geared toward renewable energy.

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