Bus powered by hydrogen fuel debuts in Chengdu, China

Hydrogen Fuel - Bus in China

New bus equipped with a fuel cell system has been launched in Chengdu A new hydrogen-powered bus has been unveiled in Chengdu, the capital city of China’s Sichuan Province. The bus represents another step forward in the city’s efforts to become more environmentally friendly. The Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission intends to cut emissions by supporting clean vehicles. According to the agency, the new bus will be able to travel some 600 kilometers on a single tank of hydrogen fuel. Transportation program aims to deploy 25,000 clean vehicles The…

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Apple seeks to expand solar energy in China

Apple will be working with its partners to expand renewable energy capacity throughout China Apple has announced new and ambitious plans for renewable energy in China. The company will be working with various partners in the country to support the expansion of clean power projects, with Apple looking to play a role in the renewable energy supply chain. Apple CEO Tim Cook noted that climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing the global civilization and the company intends to help overcome this challenge by embracing and supporting clean…

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