Apple to collaborate on new solar and wind energy projects

Solar and wind energy projects - solar panels and a wind turbine

The tech giant is increasing access to green energy in the eastern United States. Apple is teaming up with Swiss Re, Etsy and Akami to develop new solar and wind energy farms in the United States. The companies will collectively purchase energy from a wind farm in Illinois and a solar farm in Virginia. Combined, both clean energy projects will produce enough energy to power 74,000 homes. Together, the companies will purchase 165 MW from a solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant just outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia, and 125 MW from…

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Plug Power receives $2.5 million from Department of Energy

Renewable Energy Business

Plug Power chosen for new tow tractor project Plug Power, a leading developer of hydrogen fuel cells, will be receiving a $2.5 million award from the U.S. Department of Energy. Per the award, the company is to retrofit 15 electric tow tractors so that they operate using hydrogen fuel cells rather than traditional lithium-ion batteries. These vehicles will then be deployed at two FedEx departments at domestic airports in Tennessee and California. Natural gas will be used to produce hydrogen fuel at these airports, which will then be used to…

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Alternative energy wins support of British public

Alternative Energy News

Alternative energy polls high with UK residents The population of the United Kingdom wants more solar and wind energy, according to a new opinion poll from YouGov, a market research agency. The poll was commissioned by British magazine, Sunday Times. The UK has been showing more support for alternative energy in recent years, adopting more aggressive emissions standards and placing more emphasis on clean energy and sustainability. These initiatives appear to be popular with the British public, but there are calls for more focus on solar and wind energy projects.…

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Hydrogen market fluctuates often as investors cling to uncertainty regarding alternative energy

Fuelcell Energy Industry Financial News

The alternative energy industry has had a tumultuous past when it comes to investments. In previous years, the industry was fraught with crippling uncertainty as investors struggled to reconcile the viability of green technologies with their massive cost. It was not until climate change and other environmental concerns became prominent issues of contention that the industry began attracting noticeable interest as well as support from many of the world’s governments. However, the uncertainties that plagued the industry persisted and still keep alternative energy in a state of purgatory while the…

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Germany poised to lead the world in renewable energy

Gemany Hydrogen Fuel Cell Production

In light of the continuing nuclear crisis in Japan, Germany has opted out of nuclear power in favor of renewable alternatives. The country has long been situated at the cusp of breakthrough in the field and has become the world’s largest testing ground for renewable technologies. Officials announced their goal to be nuclear-free early this month, aiming to phase out the technology no later than 2020. Chancellor Angela Merkel wants the nation to become a leader in the field, especially in its use of hydrogen technology. Merkel has outlined a…

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