Solar energy is making progress in Australia

Report highlights the growing role that solar power is playing in the Australian energy mix The International Energy Agency has released its annual Photovoltaic Systems Program report, highlighting the growth of residential solar energy systems. The report shows that Australia is finding significant success in terms of solar power adoption, especially in the residential sector. This success was mostly seen over the past year. This year, the Australian government has been pulling back on its support of solar power, focusing more heavily on other forms of energy and distancing itself…

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Denmark reaches solar energy goals 8 years early

Denmark solar Energy

Denmark surpasses solar energy goals ahead of schedule Denmark is one of the European countries that has shown aggressive interest in clean energy. The country has major plans for hydrogen fuel and its use in transportation, with the Danish government investing heavily into the establishment of a hydrogen fuel infrastructure. Hydrogen is not the only form of clean energy the country is supporting, however, and Denmark is quickly establishing itself as a bastion for solar energy. The Danish government has announced this week that the country has reached its solar…

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