Microsoft forms new renewable energy agreement in Singapore

Renewable Energy - Skyline in Singapore

Microsoft has announced an ambitious agreement with Sunseap Microsoft has announced that it has entered into a new agreement with Sunseap, a renewable energy company based in Singapore. The deal is part of Microsoft’s ongoing effort to use clean energy to power its data centers throughout the world. According to the company, the deal will create the largest solar energy portfolio in Singapore. Microsoft and Sunseap will be working together for the next 20 years, with Microsoft purchasing all of the electricity that Sunseap’s solar energy system generates. Solar energy…

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Hydrogenics to bolster hydrogen fuel production in Thailand

Company has been chosen to help build new hydrogen production and storage system Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hybrid hydrogen fuel production technology, has been awarded a role in helping develop Southeast Asia’s first renewable hydrogen fuel storage system and power plant. The project is being headed by Pharam 2 Civil Engineering and is backed by the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand. This project will seek to generate hydrogen through the use of renewable energy. This hydrogen will then be used to generate electrical power through fuel cells. Hydrogenics to…

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