Hydrogenics to bolster hydrogen fuel production in Thailand

July 26, 2016 0 By Erin Kilgore

Company has been chosen to help build new hydrogen production and storage system

Hydrogenics, a leading developer of hybrid hydrogen fuel production technology, has been awarded a role in helping develop Southeast Asia’s first renewable hydrogen fuel storage system and power plant. The project is being headed by Pharam 2 Civil Engineering and is backed by the Electricity Generation Authority of Thailand. This project will seek to generate hydrogen through the use of renewable energy. This hydrogen will then be used to generate electrical power through fuel cells.

Hydrogenics to deliver innovative hybrid technology to Thailand

Hydrogenics has extensive experience in the field of renewable hydrogen fuel production. The company is a pioneering in using solar energy to produce hydrogen, developing a hybrid system that is cost efficient and cost effective. The company will be delivering its 1 megawatt electrolyser to the project, which is based in Thailand. The technology provided by Hydrogenics will be incorporated into the fuel cell power plant and storage system that is being built. The project will use Hydrogenics’ technology to facilitate hydrogen fuel production through the use of wind energy. This energy will be provided to the project during off-peak hours, when demand for electricity is lowest.

Renewable hydrogen fuel production is becoming more important

Thailand - Hydrogen Fuel ProductionFuel cells are quickly gaining popularity as primary energy systems. For years, these energy systems have been used for industrial purposes, but have seen little application in other sectors. Now, however, fuel cells have established a foothold in the residential space as well as in transportation. The growing popularity of fuel cells is attracting more attention to hydrogen fuel production. Current production methods rely heavily on fossil-fuels and are considered somewhat expensive and inefficient. This is why renewable energy is becoming a greater priority when it comes to hydrogen production.

Company has made significant progress with its hybrid technology

Hydrogenics has extensive history in using clean energy to produce hydrogen. The company has made major strides in making renewable hydrogen production more efficient and attractive in recent years. Hydrogenics is currently participating in several projects focused on the expansion of hydrogen production and has reached many new milestones with its innovative production technologies.

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